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We all need a little motivation!

In this season of lock-down and isolation one of the things I have found I struggle with is a lack of motivation. I now have plenty of time to do all those little projects that have been put off, but I find that I still cannot get enthused about tackling these tasks.

There is a trick of the mind that occurs when you have lots of dead time on your hands – since you think you have all the time in the world, there is no pressure to do that task right now, so it continues to be put off. Can you tell I am a procrastinator?

I work well when given deadlines, schedules and accountability. Since I have a middle-schooler who is now at home, I have vowed to keep a strict school schedule for him, and that has forced me to keep a semi-regular schedule for myself as well. While looking for ways to keep my child off electronics without being a giant nag, I came across an idea that I have changed up for our family. The premise was creating a “Bored Bin” where you put paper slips in a bin with various games or crafts. Anytime kids say the words “I’m bored” they have to pick something from the bin and do that activity. I took that idea and put it on a schedule for my child and myself.

Here’s some ideas you can take and use in your family:

  • Spend 30 minutes each day on one of these activities

  • Mix fun activities, crafts and games with more tedious tasks and projects

  • Set a timer each day to keep consistency

  • Kid activities can include games, outdoor activities, physical challenges, playing with specific old toys, crafts, reading, writing letters, cooking, and educational websites

  • Adult activities can include a mix of small cleaning or organizing projects and fun crafts or self-care practices

My phone is now full of alarms going off throughout the day that helps keep us on target and not waste away the day. 30 minutes is a nice small chunk of time to do something productive or fun, and often leads to more productivity afterwards.

If you find yourself lacking motivation to fill your days maybe this idea will help. Be sure to pass along to a friend who might need to hear this! We all need some motivation at some point, so go enjoy and fill up your day!

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