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Should health be a group event?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

When you think about your health journey, does any of it involve doing it with someone else? Think about many of the other major journeys we take in life - parenting, religion, education, and even career goals. Those are all things done in a community of people and not all by ourselves. Why is striving to live a healthy life such an independent walk?

We go to doctors alone. We go to the store for groceries alone. We go to the gym alone. We go to health coaches alone. We might do one piece of our walk with a friend, coach or family member, but the majority of our journey is done alone. Why is that the norm?

Maybe we should think differently about our health journey. Maybe we should have accountability partners, and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that are published in a community of people who help to keep us on track. Maybe we should have shopping groups and cooking groups to help us learn how to make healthier choices. Maybe we should have family programs in our neighborhoods and retail stores that encourage activities and healthy choices. Maybe there should be a lot more group classes put on by doctors to educate, teach, and demonstrate health topics and resources.

I understand each person's goals may be different, so how they walk that out will look different, but we shouldn't have to set or reach those goals alone. If people start asking for such communities to exist, then they will be created in the market around us. If healthcare professionals start offering such group resources, it will create curiosity and desire to join in to group events.

There has been a shift in the past decade towards this kind of health in community. There are plenty of things we can do together!

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