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  • Phone Intro Consult

    • 30 min visit of what we offer and how we work - see if it's a good fit for you​

  • Full Introductory Consult

    • 90 min visit that reviews results of your history, and 3 tests done ahead of time - ​get an idea of what you need

  • Wellness Consults​

    • 30-60 min fullow-up visits not included in other programs. This is for stand-alone topics of recommendations or resources.​

  • True Cellular Detox - 3 mo

    • Detox your cells safely through stepwise supplements and testing - online portal with 20+ hours of information and guidence included​

  • Platinum Program - 6+ mo

    • ​This individual program includes monthly 60-min visits, unique tests and/or supplements (not included in price), True Cellular Detox and the Metabolic Reset course. The goal of deep cellular healing is accomplished using a multi-therapeutic approach. Other resourses included are member's only onine resources, videos and handouts (coming soon).

  • Metabolic Reset - Stemnomics Course

    • ​This 7-week online group course teaches the benefits of low-carb and keto diets, benefits of various types of fasting, and how to implement each step. New classes kick off each month. A workbook is included.


Personal Health Guidance

Need more help in utilizing these resources, or a personalized plan? See what else we have to offer. Check back often as the schedule is updated frequently.