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Virtual visits and classes

  • Phone Intro Consult

    • 30 min visit of what we offer and how we work - see if it's a good fit for you

  • Full Introductory Consult

    • 90 min visit that reviews results of your history, and 3 tests done ahead of time - ​get an idea of what you need

  • Wellness Consults​

    • 30-60 min fullow-up visits not included in other programs. This is for stand-alone topics of recommendations or resources.​

  • True Cellular Detox - 3 mo

    • Detox your cells safely through stepwise supplements and testing - online portal with 20+ hours of information and guidence included​

  • Platinum Program - 6+ mo

    • This individual program includes monthly 60-min visits, a unique test and/or supplement plan, True Cellular Detox and the Metabolic Reset course. The goal of deep cellular healing is accomplished using a multi-therapeutic approach. Other resourses included are member's only onine resources, videos and handouts (coming soon).

  • Metabolic Reset - Stemnomics Course

    • This 7-week online group course teaches the benefits of low-carb and keto diets, benefits of various types of fasting, and how to implement each step. New classes kick off every few weeks. A workbook is included.


Personal Health Guidance

** During the month of April 2020 all prices have now been reduced 50% due to the financial crisis that many people are facing. These prices will be reevaluated and possiblely changed at the end of the month. The prices listed are the discounted prices. **

Need more help in utilizing these resources, or a personalized plan? See what else we have to offer. Check back often as the schedule is updated frequently.