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Know the Basics



Learn about the basic health principles, and set up your own goals. It all starts with a non-inflammatory diet, fasting, gut healing, detoxing, and de-stressing. If you get these things down, you are well on your way to health.

When you understand these five priniciples and how much they effect your health, then you can take steps in a new direction for your future.

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Healthy Tip #1

No wheat in your diet - but why?

Most disease symptoms are driven by inflammation. Wheat is one of the most inflammatory foods in our current diets and we find it in nearly every meal and snack, and it is the base of the food pyramid. Find out how this might be affecting your health.

Healthy Tip #1 - part 2

Cut out the sugar

Next to wheat, sugar is just as inflammatory in the body. Currently some form of processed sugar is found in over 75% of packaged food items. Escaping it is hard, but very worthwhile! Learn how sugar may be wrecking havoc on your health.

Healthy Tip #2

Good fats

Did you know there are good fats and bad fats? Fats are vital for brain health, hormone productions, and cell membrane health, but you have to pick the right ones.

Healthy Tip #3

Start fasting

Fasting is the fastest way to heal the body and cleanse out the inflammatory markers. It resets the immune system, boosts the breakdown of damaged proteins, motochondria and cells, and stimulates stem cell production. Before you block fast, try intermittant fasting.

Healthy Tip #4

Gut microbiome balance

Your bacteria and their environment inside your intestines greatly influences your health, from skin disorders to emotional state. Each time you eat you can literally feed the good guys or the bad guys. Fermented foods and drink are a potent way to help your gut microbiome to stay balanced.

Healthy Tip #5

Stop the stress

A little stress is good for the body. Chronic stress on the other hand leads to many problems. It depletes key minerals like magnesium. It interferes with many hormone pathways and supresses the immune system. In our culture, everyone experiences some chronic stress. Don't ignore it as a factor in your health.

Top 5 Healthy Tips

for Healthy Living

Changing your health doesn't happen overnight. It is a process! Check out everything on this page to get started. These are the first rules recommended to start transforming your health. No matter where you are in your health journey, you can start here.

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