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You can't make good decisions about your health until you are informed. Get the information you need to start walking out your road to health through webinars, blog articles, videos, and downloadable materials. These bits of information are pieces of your health puzzle. We are committed to education first, so there will always be changing free content on our site that we hope you use and share.


When you want to transform your health you have to start utilizing many tools together in order to make lasting changes. That's what my Membership and Platinum programs do - put all the pieces together in a plan that gets you to the health destination you desire. For more info on that check out the Programs page.



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COVID Resources:

**New** Mask study summary listing - all the studies at your fingertips

Interview with Karon Kingston - paper trail proof of graphene oxide in the injections

Legal resourcesPeggy Hall of The Healthy American has great resources about legal health issues  

Interview with Dr. David Martin - the patent history of coronavirus work 

Book: The Defeat of COVID - how to treat COVID early by Dr. Colleen Huber
Book: The Faucian Bargain - a look at one of the most powerful men and his contradictions to science by Steve Deace
Interview with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-KrugerGerman Corona Inquiry Committee Hearing #37, learn the science behind the injections, what's in them and how it effects the body, a must-read for any health professional
Webinar - The Covid Vaccine On Trial, 2 hours, multiple speakers, lots of data, highly recommend watching
Documentary moviePlandemic: Indoctornation, a brilliently done documentary on what forces may have a hand in this virus
Interview with Dr. Lee Merritt - a great interview on Conservative Review podcast about protocols for Covid
Interview with Megan Mansell - a podcast on mask science on Conservative Review #857
Interview with Dr. Colleen Huber - podcast on Conservative Review #860 on how to treat COVID early

"Covid" illness home protocol

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