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What does your Abundant Life look like?

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"You don't need healthcare to get healthy."


Dr. William Davis

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What steps do you take? The choice is yours.

You need a plan. If you are unhappy with your health today, then start taking steps in a new direction. First, get informed. Then, set some goals. Next, get the resources you need to make those goals happen. Finally, start walking it out. That's when you will see the changes you are looking for. And that's what we offer here.

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Take your health into your own hands

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Welcome to your health journey

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About Me

Valerie Burgess M.D.

I am a physician, trained in Family Medicine. I left conventional medicine after being frustrated at the “system” that healthcare has become, both for the patient and the doctor. Since then, I have spent my time investigating things that actually heal the body. Many of these ideas and concepts fall under the areas of Integrative and Functional Medicine. The premise of Functional Medicine, which I agree most closely with, is that when body systems are out of balance then the body has symptoms. Finding the root cause of these imbalances and correcting them - through dietary changes, getting the correct gut microbes, dealing with emotional/spiritual issues, eliminating toxins correctly - then relieves all the downstream symptoms. The body will heal itself if given the correct tools and environment. I have a passion for helping people learn these concepts for themselves and taking back control of their own health. This website is a compilation of resources dedicated to those seeking a new direction in their health journey. While I no longer manage specific health conditions, I provide personalized wellness plans that focus on cellular healing and detox, as well as offer a variety of online classes.

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Health Foundations

Learn about the basic principles applied here, and how to set up your own plan. It all starts with a non-inflammatory diet, fasting, gut healing, and detoxing. If you get these things down, you are well on your way to health.

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Educate Yourself

You can't make good decisions about your health until you are informed. Get the information you need to start walking out your road to health through webinars, blog articles, videos, and downloadable materials.

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Personal Health Guidance

Need more help in utilizing these resources, or a personalized plan? We have online classes, as well as a virtual platinum program that is individualized for your personal wellness journey.

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